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About Video

The message to Japan is JAJA's contribution to the Send Hope to Japan from the World  Facebook project initiated by NY de Volunteer. It is a small gesture from the JAJA community to send positive energy to Japan after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear devastation on March 11, 2011.
The video was shot right after JAJA's "town hall" meeting on March 22, 2011 led by Stann Nakazono,  in which JAJA members were informed of the latest news of the disaster and discussed ways in which we could support the Japanese people. 
The video shows JAJA members distributing signs and candles, determining the message we wanted to send to Japan, teaching the non-Japanese speaking members how to say the phrase in Japanese, and finally everyone gathered together, shouting, "We love you, Japan -- Nippon no minnasan ganbarimashyou!" English: “Good luck to everyone in Japan!" 

We want the Japanese people to know that we at JAJA continue to support Japan until it is 100% recovered and rebuilt.

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